Zonnix HR+©

Zonnix HR+© is our most powerful developed non-biological toxin binder. Zonnix HR+© is ionically charged for superior binding to both the mold as well as its toxin. It is so powerful that its Aflatoxin binding capability is consistently over 99%.

Zonnix HR+© is the #1 recommended product for feed mills. In addition, it is highly indicated for areas with humid weather or inferior feed quality. Many farms have also found success during outbreaks of diarrhea.

Zonnix© mode of action is through ionic binding technology which does not give the mold a chance to produce toxins. Zonnix HR+© also prevents build up of water molecules in feed. In the gut, Zonnix HR+© also continues to perform by slightly slowing down the motility aiding in statistically higher feed conversion ratios (FCR increase).

Zonnix HR+© should be used at 500gm per Ton of feed.