Super Virocure-21©

Super Virosecure-21© is our most potent organic Nanoviral product in the new category of NAM’s (Nanoantimicrobial). This allows the product to be used for the first time at ultra low concentrations with the highest cell penetration with strong action against viral shedding. Make no mistake, this is an exciting class of biological alternatives to fight diseases which are becoming Antibiotic resistant. Last but not least, Super Virosecure-21© is chemically buffered. Super Virosecure-21© has a wide safety index.

Super Virosecure-21© has the ability to biologically confuse Avian Influenza leading to a decrease in blood titers by over 21%. This is an incredible advantage for practitioners because it does not interfere with diagnosis, sequencing, or vaccination programs.

Super Virosecure-21© is indicated for all phases of production stress, and disease outbreaks in AI endemic countries.

Super Virosecure-21© is used at least 500ml per 1000 liters for prevention.

Super Virosecure-21© is used at least 2L per 1000 liters during shedding confirmed by titer detection.

Super Virosecure-21© is used at least 10L per 1000 liters during severe mortality >30%.