United States Organic Science at its core, is a highly innovative & diverse multinational spanning across various industries. Our R&D professionals come from the engineering, veterinary, and scientific disciplines. Our R&D's strategic location, at the heart of one of the most innovative scientific sites in North America, Research Triangle Park; allows us to tap into one of the highest concentration of PhD’s in the world.

Many of the most exciting discoveries in our industry, were developed here locally at RTP. Not only does USOS have access to highly talented research staff, it also has access to the latest technology equipment and advancements.

USOS has a BSL2 level lab, and a BSL3 partner, for serological testing and genomic sequencing for validation of our in field serology and assay results. This is essential in today's ever changing diseases in animal biological systems such as AI. Whether it be nano ,micro, molecular , or viral- we can test and validate.

USOS also has access to one of the most advanced animal nutrition labs in the nation. Many of our labs are at the edge of animal feed and animal nutrition studies and inventions. We have been able to produce feed formula additives at the ultra low concentration level of application. Many of our products also include nano-stabilizer which require the highest stringency and biosecurity environments for manufacture. We have been able to isolate, modify, and apply on a large scale many of these nano molecules to generate optimal levels of animal health and welfare, providing the necessary defense shields against biological insults, in hosts.