Pulmostress© is our economic choice for prevention of the most underlying cause of respiratory insults; stress. Pulmostress© provides the animal with excellent key stress-relieving compounds, cell repair vitamins and minerals. In addition, Pulmostress© is an excellent umbrella choice which does not interact with antibiotics, vaccines, or feed additives in sick birds. Pulmostress© also has a wide safety index.

Pulmostress© is an excellent low cost RHB specifically designed for prevention of common environmental respiratory ailments due to heat, dust, moving, air quality, as well as other upper tract disease caused by biological insults.

Pulmostress© is used at least 350ml per 1000 liters.

  • To be combined with Oxacid© if poor pH conditions exist.
  • To be combined with Pulmocure© during recovery of biological insults.
  • To be combined with Pulmotol© during HIGH heat stress and recovery of biological insults.
  • To be combined with Virocure© during suspicion of AI regardless of sequence.
  • To be combined with Super Virocure-21© during acute AI or severe respiratory distress and/or mortality.