Pulmocure© is our product of choice for recovery of respiratory insults. Pulmocure© provides the animal with excellent with key stress-relieving compounds, cell repair vitamins and minerals, and excellent exudate clearing. In addition, Pulmocure© is statistically significant in boosting appetite in sick birds.

Pulmocure© also has a wide safety index.

Pulmocure© is an excellent RHB specifically for animals recovering from common respiratory ailments, as non-virulent influenza, mycoplasma, as well as other upper tract disease.

Pulmocure© is indicated for recovery of stress, and respiratory disease outbreaks. Can be combined with Virocure© for ultimate viral protection.

Pulmocure© is used at least 350ml per 1ooo liters.

**To be combines with Oxacid© if poor pH conditions exist.