Vitamins & Minerals

In today's mass concentration growing environment, high quality feed vitamins and minerals are necessary more than ever than any time through out the history of agriculture. Animals are challenged more than ever yet they are growing faster than ever. Many of their essential components are being depleted at a fast rate. At the heart of all of this, both efficient metabolism and cell replenishment are required.

Profitable operations can not afford to skip on even minuscule trace element requirements. With this in mind USOS has manufactured a line of multivitamins and minerals exceeding the standards of those on the global market today.

V & M's are a key element in the 3P’s (prevention, production, and protection) cycle. Here at USOS we’ve developed some of the most advanced components in this category. We always strive to achieve the highest quality standards based on our research, and at the same time provide economical gains for the grower. Select one of our products to learn more on how we can help.

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