Are ALL USOS products made in the USA?
Ans: Yes, Yes , Yes. We are very proud of the fact that ALL USOS products are proudly sourced, made, manufactured, labeled, and packaged in the USA.

What percentage of USOS products are guaranteed?
Ans: As a general rule, 100% of ALL USOS products are guaranteed to EXCEED specs by at least 3%.

Can I use your product for any species?
Ans: No. Our products are only developed for food animals; Avian, Ruminants, Equine, & Fish. Please DO NOT use in companion animals or amphibians.

Why has the price of some of your products gone up dramatically?
Ans: In today's environment, global commercial trade is growing more and more complex in price structure. USOS tried its best to guarantee price fixes for each manufacture year. However despite our best efforts, sometimes many of our raw materials, shipping ports, and mill operations; change based on availability, supply and demand per industry, and/or agricultural shortage.

What is Nanotechnology?
Ans: it is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers

What are the benefits of Nanotechnology?
Ans: it allows the utilization of much lower concentrations; achieving the same results for less money

How does USOS apply Nanotechnology?
Ans: USOS uses what is known as Nano-carriers in many of its products allowing for ultra penetration and in some cases at the cell level

Are these carriers natural?
Ans: Absoluely. Did you know that many nano carriers exist in nature throughout biological systems? The wax crystals covering a lotus leaf, spider-mite silk, the "spatulae" on the bottom of gecko feet, butterfly wing scales, natural colloids in milk, and bone structure in general.

Natural inorganic nanomaterials occur through crystal growth in the diverse chemical conditions of the earths crust under heavy pressure and intense heat. For example, certain types of clay display complex nanostructures due to anisotropy of their underlying crystal structure, such as naturally occurring photonic crystals due to their nanoscale structure.

How do I become a USOS distributor?
Ans: Many times USOS will have an Agent or representative in your area. If not, we will be more than happy to work with you providing you meet our minimum purchase quantities.