Gastrointestinal Facilitators

During the life cycle of any production animal, billions of cells are constantly being depleted and repaired. None is more important than those of the GIT when it comes to profitability of any operation. Its through these cells that the food animal is able to efficiently translate feed into weight. Unfortunately this is one of the most important regions in the animals body for infectious reagents. In today’s production atmosphere, bugs are becoming more and more virulent with devastating effects on both the animals life and the profitability of the whole operation.

GIF’s are a key element in the 3P’s (prevention, production, and protection) cycle. Here at USOS we’ve developed some of the most advanced components in this category. We always strive to achieve the highest quality standards based on our research, and at the same time provide economical gains for the grower. Select one of our products to learn more on how we can help.

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